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Queen & Courtesan
Sometimes I feel it burning, that deep and primal yearning
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6th-Jun-2009 02:09 am - FIGHT ME!
Or my Brute at least...

4th-Jun-2009 03:18 am - Mario Cart & Meh
Daria and the Prince
Playing Mario Cart with the roomie (aubreywitch ) , we're trying to do our best to become masters and unlock everything - she's a little better than me, but not for long :-p

Raymond and *Maggie came over to play Wii with Ash and I tonight. Raymond and I have been texting since we met the weekend before I moved to this lovely little beach town, but our schedules haven't matched up until tonight.  We all had fun racing each other and talking crap for our Nintendo counterparts, but he didn't exactly make my heart throb...or any part of my body throb.  He's cute (tall and dark-headed, how I like em), and I liked his goofy sense of humor, but I didn't feel nervous or anxious around him - I don't know if that's because of him or me though.  Maybe I just assumed that nothing would come of it so I didn't set myself up for a disappointment?  Who knows, I'm not going to base too much on one encounter, I like to get to know people before deciding anything about them.  So to be continued.

*Maggie isn't his real name, but when I met him I had been drinking and thought this is what he said.  So Maggie he shall forever be.

2nd-Jun-2009 02:18 am - The First Pomeranian Supermodel
I got my camera out to snap some pics of some skirts I'm going to put on ebay and I guess Abby thought that was her cue, because she started posing!  Thought I'd share (excuse my mess)...


30th-May-2009 02:30 pm - Abby's New Haircut
She gets all the treats with her new haircut!  Jagerbombs!



29th-May-2009 06:22 pm - Grad School Again
I got into ECU's MBA program!  So after one year of law school and 8 months trying to figure out what to do with my life, I finally have a plan - which of course makes me want to run but I'm going to stay dedicated this time.  Hopefully it won't suck.

19th-May-2009 04:14 am - Anne Boleyn Day
So today is the day, 473 years ago today, Anne Boleyn was beheaded at the Tower of London after a sham trial in which she was convicted of adultery, incest, witchcraft, etc.  It's amazing how sad I can feel about someone dying when their passing was almost 450 years before I born.  I've always felt inspired by her, she used her intelligence and wit to get ahead in life in a time when women were simply supposed to be agreeable coquettes.  She was an intellectual and a reformer who completely changed the future of Christianity, England, and really all of Europe.  I can't imagine anyone doing that today, let alone a young woman in the 16th century.

I always find it  hard to watch the end of a movie or read the final chapters in an Anne Boleyn book.  I have this sinking feeling, I know what is going to happen but I can't stop it. I try to placate myself by remembering that in the end, Queen Anne had the last laugh - her daughter Elizabeth I was one of the greatest monarchs of English history and she did it all without a king consort. And that's all the happy ending I'll ever get to this story.

My thoughts are with you Queen Anne Boleyn.

Queen Anne Boleyn               Queen Elizabeth I at her coronation

5th-Apr-2009 06:11 pm - Anne Boleyn Userpics
Anne Boleyn Interpretation

I've long admired Anne Boleyn as a tragic feminist icon so I decided to pay tribute to her with some userpics of portraits, interpretations, and actresses who have played her both tv and in film.  (I also included one of her daughter Queen Elizabeth I)  Enjoy and comment!




5th-Apr-2009 12:14 am - Vintage Pin-ups
I love vintage pin-ups so I thought I'd make a few userpics.


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